Multi-Modal Biometrics Examination Workstation

Provides biometrics examiners new capabilities to interact with multi-modal biometrics systems

•  Multi-modal: Your biometrics system is multi-modal; your comparison tools should be as well.

   Themis shows you all available biometrics.

•  Web-Enabled: Work where you want on the device you want. Themis is built using HTML5 and

   works with any modern desktop or mobile device browser.

•  Prioritized Work Queues: Themis prioritizes your work into queues to help maintain overall

   system SLAs. Work queues can be restricted to qualified personnel.

•  Reporting: Generate reports on user activity.

Reduces cost for system owners, integrators, and operators

•  Vendor-agnostic: Themis supports ANSI-NIST ITL type-9 friction ridge templates and can display

   examiner markup.

•  Cloud-ready: Themis is built to run in a public or private cloud and can dynamically scale up to

   meet user demand or scale down to reduce resource utilization.

•  RESTful API: Themis' API is RESTful and can be interfaced with many different languages. API

   documentation is built in to Themis using Swagger