September 17, 2019:  Themis ™ Ecosystem Version 2 Provides Case Management and Supports DNA and Scars, Marks, and Tattoos

Fairmont, WV - Athena Sciences Corporation (Athena) is pleased to announce that the Themis ™ Version 2 multi-modal biometrics examination workstation now provides for examination of DNA, scars, marks, and tattoos (SMTs).  With Version 3, Themis ™ has evolved into an examination operations ecosystem with the addition of a Case Management Tool (CMT).  The CMT provides for automation and workflow management of examination cases from receipt of evidence through final disposition and reporting. Themis ™ is cloud-ready, NIST ITL compliant, and matching vendor agnostic . “We are committed to growing our Themis product line to meet evolving customer needs for biometrics examination operations”, according to Athena CEO Dan McCaugherty. “We believe that Themis improves biometrics examination effectiveness and workflow efficiency while providing customers the flexibility to migrate to the cloud and introduce new matching technology without disrupting examination operations.” Athena is an SBA certified HUBZone corporation with headquarters in Fairmont, WV. Athena provides cloud-ready computing solutions, biometrics products, and systems development and integration services in support of the DoD, Department of Homeland Security, US Treasury, Supreme Court of Virginia, and other customers.

March 31, 2018: Athena deploys the real property management system

Fairmont, WV - Athena completed the phased deployment of the real property management system for the CWS Marketing Group.  This system is used by CWS and the federal government to manage the seizure, maintenance, and sale of real property. "Our agile development methods and proven full stack architecture have once again enabled us to quickly and cost effectively implement an AWS Cloud based enterprise system", said Dan McCaugherty, Athena CEO.  "We have been building talent within Athena for cloud based systems development for years and we expect that future customers will also benefit from our capability".

December 15, 2017:  Athena completes NIST 800-171 compliance

Fairmont, WV - In compliance with Department of Defense policy, Athena has completed implementation of the information assurance controls necessary for controlled unclassified information within Athena data systems.  Athena followed the NIST Risk Management Framework and implemented the NIST 800-53A controls identified as applicable in NIST 800-171.

September 28, 2017:  Athena selected for DHS HART biometrics contract
Fairmont, WV - The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has selected the Northrop Grumman Team for award of the Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology (HART) multi-modal biometrics contract. Athena is a subcontractor on this team.  "We are excited to build upon our four year relationship with Northrop Grumman as a provider of multi-modal biometrics design and development services.", said CEO Dan McCaugherty.  "We look forward to applying modern technologies in this next generation national system to protect our borders and security of our nation."

July 14, 2017: Athena receives HUBZone certification from Small Business Administration

Fairmont, WV - The US Small Business Administration (SBA) has certified Athena Sciences Corporation as a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) corporation.  According to Athena CEO Dan McCaugherty "We are pleased to participate in this program designed to provide economic stimulus to regions that are economically disadvantaged. We expect that our HUBZone status will be an advantage in the pursuit of federal contracts." 

March 29, 2017:  Athena receives order to develop real property management system

Fairmont, WV - Athena Sciences Corporation received a contract from CWS Marketing Group Inc. to develop an enterprise data system on the AWS GovCloud capable of tracking US Treasury seizure of real property from seizure through maintenance and sale.  "Use of the AWS GovCloud was the clear choice" according to CEO Dan McCaugherty. "Our experience in using the AWS cloud for our Themis software will simplify the hosting, deployment, and cyber security for this real property management system."   

September 16, 2016:  Athena releases Themis™ biometrics examination workstation
Fairmont, WV - Athena Sciences Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the Themis™ cloud-ready multi-modal biometrics examination workstation. The Themis™ biometrics workstation presents ANSI NIST ITL biometrics images to any html5 compliant examiner device or workstation, manages examination queues, and provides image analysis tools to assist in adjudication. According to Athena CEO, Dan McCaugherty, “The Themis™ biometrics workstation enables customers to reduce the cost of examination tool infrastructure, sustain a common examination environment independent of the matching vendor, and plan for migration to a cloud based biometrics enterprise.” For more information on Themis™, go to  Athena will debut the Themis™ biometrics workstation at the Global Identity Summit on September 19 in Tampa, Florida.

July 15, 2016:  Athena releases ScanPass™ mobile passport reader
Fairmont, WV - Athena Sciences Corporation announces the release of the ScanPass™ Android-based mobile passport chip reader. The ScanPass™ passport reader uses proprietary video image processing to quickly read the passport data to unlock the NFC chip and extract passport document information, biometrics, demographics, and issuing authority data. According to Athena CTO Dan Nawrocki, the  ScanPass™ passport reader APIs provide application and Android device control for integration with mobile systems. When integrated with other systems, the ScanPass™ passport reader enables verification of identity and legal border entry as well as expedition of customs and border patrol activity.” For more information on the ScanPass™ passport reader, go to  Athena will debut ScanPass™ at the Global Identity Summit on September 19 in Tampa Florida.

May 1, 2016:  Athena Opens Biometrics Research and Development office in Morgantown, WV
Morgantown, WV – In a move to enhance Athena investment in biometric product development, Athena opened a new office in Morgantown, WV. “Our Morgantown location will simplify access to biometrics expertise by virtue of the biometrics programs offered by West Virginia University and resulting talent pool”, according to Dan McCaugherty, Athena President and CEO. “We anticipate growth in our biometrics line of business for both products and services. This new office will play a key role in product development, and enable Athena to implement its student intern program to attract and cultivate tomorrow’s talent.” 

December 1, 2015:  Athena receives order to build rail transportation system training platform system
West Mifflin, PA – Athena received an order from Bombardier Transportation to develop a training platform system (TPS) expanding the scope of Athena’s work on the Positive Train Control (PTC) System for the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority. “We are pleased to have received this order expanding the scope of our effort on this program”, according to Dan McCaugherty, Athena President and CEO. “The TPS provides training for PTC control center operations and is a natural extension of the Athena PTC simulation solutions delivered by Athena to Bombardier on this program.” Athena has used systems virtualization and complex computing emulation for many years on other programs to provide a cost-effective functional system for use in systems analysis, testing, training, and operations analysis.

April 5, 2015: Athena joins Pittsburgh Technology Council
In a move commensurate with an expanding Pittsburgh presence, Athena president Dan McCaugherty made Athena a new member of the Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC).  Networking, consulting and other business opportunities provided by the PTC offer Athena a synergistic capability to work with both regional corporations and governments.

March 15, 2015:  Athena President accepts position on IEEE Smart Grid Steering Committee
In recognition or Athena's contributions to the published IEEE Smart Grid Vision Report for Computing, Athena president Dan McCaugherty accepted a position offered to him on its steering committee.  "... The next step in this visioning process is to develop technology evolution roadmaps and reference models ..." an objective of the IEEE's new funding.

March 1, 2015: Athena signs follow on contract with Bombardier Transportation

Athena received additional purchase orders from Bombardier Transportation extending its work on the Positive Train Control System for the NYC MTA. Athena continues to provide PTC system modeling and simulation and test automation solutions enabling the project to efficiently integrate and test the PTC systems.  Athena has also expanded its efforts to perform design, management, and maintenance of laboratory computing systems. Extensive use of virtualization has provided significant cost savings.

May 25, 2014:  Athena Acquires remaining 50% of LawTech, LLC - Prepares CivilWare (R) V 10 Release for Virginia Users

Fairmont, WV - Athena acquired 50% of LawTech, LLC from co-founder Pete Conley giving Athena 100% ownership of LawTech. LawTech was co-founded in 1997 by Dan McCaugherty and Pete Conley. Mr. McCaugherty, Athena President, transferred his 50% share in LawTech to Athena in 2011. Mr. McCaugherty served as the product developer for the LawTech CivilWare ® software suite from 1997 through 2012. The CivilWare ® suite is desktop software for calculating Child Support, Spousal Support, Equitable Property Distribution, and Support Order Arrearage. Mr. McCaugherty is quoted as saying “Our principal customers are lawyers and courts in the Virginia and West Virginia regions. From the beginning, the purpose of CivilWare ® is to ensure that all parties in a divorce, to include the children, receive a fair and appropriate settlement. We have made a substantial investment to upgrade the CivilWare ® technology, enable more efficient user workflow, and more easily enable incorporation of state specific child support and spousal support calculators.”

April 4, 2014: Athena to Develop Positive Train Control (PTC) Test Environment Services for Bombardier Transportation

West Mifflin, PA - Athena has received an order from Bombardier Transportation to provide services to develop and integrate simulation based test environments and test automation frameworks in support of the Bombardier contract to deliver PTC systems for the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and Metro-North Rail Road (MNR). Per Dan McCaugherty, Athena President, “We are excited to receive this order from Bombardier and expand our core competency in test automation technology for safety critical systems into the transportation industry. The integrated test environments are complex and accommodate technologies such as highly reliable embedded computing, operator command and control, wireless communications, and mobile computing.” Additional information regarding this Bombardier Program can be found at:

July 12, 2013: Smart Grid Vision for Computing Research Report

Fairmont, WV - Athena is pleased to announce that the IEEE has published the Smart Grid Vision Report for Computing. This report is the result of a two year IEEE Computer Society smart grid research project led by Athena Sciences Corporation in service to the IEEE Computer Society. This research describes the projected role of computing in the realization of smart power grid goals. Report topics include technologies such as autonomous multi-agent control, self integrating systems, modeling and simulation, state estimation, prognostics, cyber security, and many other computing related topics. This report was the result of collaboration with over forty researchers from the US Department of Energy, Universities, and Corporations to include numerous international contributors. This report provides the smart grid vision for computing along three tiers: architectural concepts, functional concepts, and technological concepts. This report will help to guide research and development investments, identify the need for standards, and promote education in related technologies. The next step in the Vision Project is to develop technology evolution roadmaps and reference models. “Athena Sciences Corporation is pleased to have had the opportunity to lead this important project”, according to Athena President, Dan McCaugherty. “Many smart grid technical issues are unique and advancements in computing are needed to deliver more efficient, affordable, cleaner, and dependable electricity. Our Smart Grid Project core leadership represented by the federal government, academia, and industry provided the multi-faceted views of the problem necessary to cover a broad scope of computing topics and different perspectives of the problem.” An IEEE press release regarding this report can be found at

December 5, 2012: Athena Chairs Panel at IEEE Smart Grid World Forum

Geneva, Switzerland - Athena President, Dan McCaugherty, served as chair for the Smart Grid Vision Panel at the 2012 IEEE Smart Grid World Forum in Geneva Switzerland. The panel session consisted of briefings and discussions of the IEEE Smart Grid Vision research projects performed by the IEEE Power and Energy, Computer, Communications, Controls, and Intelligent Transportation Systems Societies. As project manager for the IEEE Computer Society Smart Grid Vision Project, Mr. McCaugherty briefed the Smart Grid Vision for Computing. According to Mr. McCaugherty, "The IEEE Smart Grid Vision Projects look at the role future technology is expected to play in realizing the goals of a more reliable, resilient, secure, efficient, and environmentally cleaner Smart Power Grid. The Smart Grid Projects consist of international experts from industry, academia, and government with each preparing a peer reviewed research report. These Smart Grid Vision reports will help to guide researchers, policymakers, and educators in the advancement of technology considered valuable to the future Smart Grid. Athena is grateful for the opportunity to participate in this IEEE effort and globally important issue."

October, 2012: GO-Sim is NASA Software of the Year Candidate

Washington, DC - Athena is pleased to announce that the Global Precipitation Management Operational Simulation (GO-Sim) received an honorable mention as a NASA Software of the Year Award candidate representing the Goddard Space Flight Center. The GO-Sim was the result of the efforts of multiple contractors in support of the NASA Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Facility. Athena, under subcontract to Galaxy Global corporation provided technical leadership for the Go-Sim. The GO-Sim incorporates emulation of flight computers, dynamic simulation, IV&V Program developed middleware, and virtualization technology to provide an analysis and test environment for spacecraft software behavior that can be executed on a desktop computer eliminating the need for access to expensive computing equipment.

February 18, 2011: Athena employee receives NASA award for Test Capability

Fairmont, West Virginia - Athena received a NASA Group Achievement Award for its role in the development of the Independent Test Capability in support of the NASA software Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Program. The ITC provides an adaptable software test environment for the IV&V program. According to the award citation, “The ITC Team's efforts can best be described as an engineering feat, finding success where others could not”, “The ITC Team met all of their 2010 milestones below cost”, and “The ITC Team has utilized Agency knowledge and resources, collaboration opportunities, and past lessons to produce a new analytical capability for IV&V and Agency projects”. The scope of the ITC work includes the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM), Autonomous Flight Safety System (AFSS), International Space Station (ISS), and James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Projects. In addition, the ITC team is now working with the Kedalion test laboratory to ensure effective IV&V analysis for future human space flight software.