Athena Sciences Corporation is a small business that provides multi-modal biometrics system architecture and design services on government programs and for commercial clients. These services include developing transaction brokering agents, optimization of matching engines, automating build and test cycles, and modernizing systems for operation in a cloud environment.  Our solutions have improved system flexibility to accommodate changing business rules, increased system performance and reliability, improved automated matching, and reduce system upgrade cycle times.  Our experience in biometrics systems design dates back to ten years ago when our CTO served as a designer of the DoD Automated Biometrics Identification System (ABIS).  We bring experience with the following biometrics technologies and standards in service to customers:

     DoD EBTS
     Aware NistPack
     Lakota NistParse

​​​​Themis™ Biometrics Workstation

•  Cloud Ready: Scale Up and Down

•  Thin Client: Work from any HTML-5-Compliant Device

•  Matching Vendor Agnostic

•  ANSI NIST ITL Compliant

ScanPass™ Passport Scanner

•  IT Systems Management and Administration

•  User Support Services

•  IT Solutions Consulting and Management

•  Database Management and Administration